Eel’s Victims Controlled Remotely


Scientific experiments conducted with Amazonian electric eels showed that these fish can control their victims at a distance. Most of all, this mechanism is similar to the principle of the taser – shocker, non-lethal weapon. On average, the electric eel can generate a rank of 600 volts. However, depending on the situation, the frequency and voltage may greatly vary. Experts identify three types of discharges - low voltage for "probing" area, a short queue for hunting and "shots" to capture prey and defend against enemies.

Электрические угри парализуют жертву на расстоянии

For their research biologist at the Tennessee Kenneth Catania put some Amazonian eel in a large aquarium with other fish. It turned out that eel begins an attack with several high-voltage discharges. If there are fish nearby, her muscles start to contract involuntarily, causing give your location. And then in the it uses high volleys, completely paralyzing the victim. Eel’s shots influence not the muscles themselves, but motor neurons. However, the nature of the weapon proved to be more powerful than policemen weapon: police shocker produces only 19 pulses per second, while the eel does as many as 400.