Dolphins Call Each Other By Names


According to the latest research, dolphins use specific ultrasonal signals to attract the attention of fellow individuals. Apparently, a common bottlenose dolphin is not that rude to call a friend with a vulgar 'Hey you'! If we somehow managed to translate dolphin language into a human one, it might sound like this: "Dear Peter, would you care for a fish?" Or even like this: "Hello, my name is Anna, and I would be happy to join your game". This surprising fact was discovered by research group of St. Andrews University of Scotland.

Dolphins have their own names, but who actually picks them?

A bottlenose dolphin calls a friend he misses with an ultrasound code that is specific to one and only individual. It appears to be a lot more effective than a human voice: ultrasound spreads at up to 20 km in marine water. It was also discovered that dolphins call each other by names only when playing or in situations of friendly or neutral communication. In conflicts they would use the vulgar 'hey you!' formula.

Photo: Shutterstock.