Divers Celebrate New Year 2012 in the Lake of Baykal


Подводная елка на дне БайкалаDivers from Irkutsk decided to celebrate New Year underwater, in the Baykal Lake. To observe the tradition, they are planning to install a New Year tree at 17 meters under water, on the lake bed. It would be drowned and attached to the ground with an anchor, and a beacon would keep it vertical.

By the New Year’s, temperature underwater is about 4 degrees Celsius, however, the participants of the underwater party are used to inclement conditions. Insulated wetsuits and winter equipment would help them feel rather comfortable.

Divers are also planning to wear carnival costumes above their wetsuits and dance around the New Year Tree.

Main goal of this unusual party is to raise awareness about environmental issues of the Baykal Lake, including development of eco-tourism. By the way, when the party is over, divers will take the fir-tree out, so that it won’t harm the ecosystem of the deepest freshwater lake on Earth.