Designer Homes for Hermit Crabs


Crabitat, home for a hermit crab Hermit crabs live in shells abandoned by mollusks. French designer helps them solve all real estates problems by creating a glass shell home – an artificial shell, Crabitats.

These crustaceans are in a constant need of a sheler throughout their lives. Now their problem is solved! Designers created several types of artificial glass shells of different colors and sizes. However, no one is planning to throw them to the sea – wild hermit crabs still have to find their homes themselves. But it's a great solution for aquarists and their pet hermit crabs!

Crabitat, home for a hermit crab

There are even silver- and gold-plated Crabitat shells. To be honest, crabs don't really care, but such cute designer things are always nice to look at for us, humans!