Dead Sea Adds Up in Volume


Water level of the Dead Sea had been decreasing lately by few centimeters per year. Annual fluctuation of sea level grew to one meter. It was caused by rising aridity of local climate and decrease of water level in the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee that feed the Dead Sea. However, lately Israeli ecologists registered a significant rise of sea level by 10 centimeters. The reason is in heavy showers that have been annoying the Israelis and the Jordanians throughout January.

Dead Sea is a unique natural resort, since its waters are rich in minerals

The experts were about to start panicking, since the unique natural resort has been turining to a saline desert over the last ten years. Jordan and Israel use the water bodies that feed the Dead Sea for irrigation and drinking water treatment. To stop the drying of the sea, the authorities of Jordan, Israel and the State of Palestine decided to construct a 180 meter long canal that would connect the Dead Sea with the Red Sea. It would as well help to solve the region's drinking water shortages, since it was outlined to construct several desalination plants at the shores of the canal.

The final decision is due in April 2013. The negotiations on the canal construction started in 1998, but Jordan backed off. The project costs over 10 billion dollars, which is way too expensive for the small country's budget.

Photo: Shutterstock.