Cyborg Dolphins Started Science Service


For a long time, mankind have been domesticating dolphins. And when the living dolphins mainly perform at aquarium with acrobatic tricks, their mechanical «brothers» have only scientific goals. Dolphin Robots 6 feet long created in California were exploring the waters of the South Ocean, plunging to a depth of more than a kilometer. After return they provided researchers with detailed information about the temperature and salinity of the ocean.

Previously, similar studies were conducted using research vessels and large equipment. Some of the information was given by satellites. However, these methods are imperfect and processes of glaciers melting can't be explored like this. Of course, the dolphin robots do not repeat exactly their living prototypes, only a way of their movement was taken as a basis. Nevertheless, scientists made some interesting conclusions. It was found that the warm water, provoking the melting of ice in Antarctica, rises to the surface because of the underwater storms, which are caused by whirls resulting from the difference in temperature. By the way scientists plan to launch another robot named «Waveglider» - not under water, but at the surface of the Antarctic glaciers.