Chukchi Sea Pinnipeds to be Counted from Air


Aerial survey of North Pacific pinnipeds has not been performed by Russia in over 30 years. This survey is essential for national quotas calculation. Chukchi and other natives of North Pacific region of Russia traditionally hunt for seals as a main source of meat, and it is very important to know how many seals could be killed without any harm to biodiversity.

Aerial survey of North Pacific seals will be performed for the first time in 30 years

Last year experts of three Academic Institutes from Chukotka, Moscow and St. Petersburg developed a method of aerial survey of local seals. The plane that is now equipped for these purposes is AN-38 located in a small Town of Providens, Chukchi Autonomous Land. Scientists also plan to count polar bears and bowhead and white whales.

Photo: Shutterstock.