Chinese Tragedy: No Safe Water


Tap water in China is not suitable for drinking – as the experts estimate, it is dangerous for humans, either if taken internally and externally. All superficial water sources appear to be contaminated with industrial waste dumping and toxic algae. It is the flip side of protrusive economic growth – and the dark one, the experts assume. Nevertheless, China authorities plan to invest four trillion yuans (approximately 650 billion US dollars) in the project of improvement of water supply infrastructure. This project aimed at rural areas and small towns is planned to be fulfilled until 2020. Additional budget of 250 billion US dollars is reserved for cleaning of the water bodies.

Severe problems with water sources in China are a flip side of vast economic growth

This is not the first investment into Chinese water. Country's authorities have already spent over 700 billion yuans on improvement of superficial water supply sources in 2005-2010. However, these measures appeared to be inefficient. According to monitoring performed in 2011, water in 43% of water bodies is dangerous even when contacting with human skin! The problem is in chemical and bacterial pollution, because most Chinese plants and factories are not equipped with wastewater treatment systems.

Photo: Reuters.