Chinese Dragonfly Became Neva Crawfish Counterpart


The largest water insect in the world has been found in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Residents of a village near Chengdu city brough a strange creature reminding a dragonfly with long teeth to the Museum of West China Insects. Zoologists were stuck by its size. Wingspan of this «baby» reaches 21 centimeters. They are so long and wide that they can cover a human’s face fully.

Wingspan of this «baby» reaches 21 centimeters

Scientists examined the discovery in detail and recognized in this monster a giant corydal. Natural habitat of this animal includes West China, Vietnam and Indian state Assam. Previously these giants have not been observed in Sichuan. Until this time damsel-flies from South America were considered as the largest insects on the Earth, but corydals overcame them by wingspan in two centimeters. 

But besides the size, the giant corydal from China has a useful feature. In near future scientists are going to use this insect for monitoring water quality, so it will become Neva crawfish counerpart. Corydals are extremely sensitive to the quality of water ponds, and when water pollution reaches a certain limit, the dragonflies try to fly away from the black spot.