Chebarkul Meteorite: No Large Pieces in the Ural Lake


Large meteorite still puzzles almost all human race, ever since it dashed through the skies in the South Urals last Friday. One of the major issues is that no large pieces of the bolide in the lake of Chebarkul, local emergency services say. There is a hole in the lake ice and small pieces all around the place though. The investigation of the lake bed was finished on the weekend.

Hole in the ice of Chebarkul Lake

Scientists confirmed extra-terrestial origin of iron-nickel pieces found in the Chebarkul Lake. So far some suppose that it might have been a comet due to the absence of large fragments. NASA experts assume the explosion power of the bolide was 470 kilotons, and its speed reached 63 thousand kilometers per hour. It is possible that large pieces of the space rock are yet to be found in Siberian taiga.

Scientists confirmed extra-terrestial origin of these particles

Photo: Reuters.