California Dries Without Rains


On a meeting in Sacramento Ecological Society of the United States confirmed that the richest state of the country can face ecological catastrophy, caused by drought, which tends to come to California earlier every year. That's why in 2014 this natural phenomenon caused tributaries of the Navarro river dry, though it usually happens in September-October. This couldn't help influencing the ecosystems of the state from Sierra Nevada mountains till Sacramento plain rivers.

Засуха в Калифорнии

Many of californian plants and animals are in danger. Birds as well suffer from climate change: biologists detected reduction of mallards and blackbirds. Mountain bears arу more often seen near towns, which can be caused by the lack of water as well. Up to 80% of fresh water is the result of mountain glaciers melting, but this year the amount of snow was only 14% of the required standart. Moreover, scientists predict a higher reduce of rainfalls in the region. Ground waters can temporarily save the situation, but in contrast to the rain it is a finite resource that can be quickly worked out without constant rainfalls. Yet scientits hope for El Niño cyclone which comes to the Californian shores. But if it is weaker than usually and if it doesn't bring needed amount of rains, the drought can contitue next year.