Building Dam in Ethiopia Can Cause Nile dry


Ethiopia continues to implement an ambitious project called "The Great Revival" on the construction of a dam in the mainstream of the Nile, despite the obvious environmental damage and resistance of Egypt, the country located downstream of the great African river and completely dependent on it as the main source of fresh water. Ethiopian engineers have already managed to change completely the course of one of the largest tributaries of the river - the Blue Nile.

Concrete blocks have been already stacked in the place of its confluence with the Nile. Later they will become the foundation of the dam. Now construction is completed by 30%. The total area of the dam will be 1,800 square kilometers and height is planned to be 170 meters. Meanwhile Ethiopian authorities are convinced that the project is mutually beneficial both for their country and for Egypt. However, Egyptians consider the project as a direct threat to national security and do everything to prevent the construction completing.