British Rivers to Be Released from the Underground


While London and other British cities expanded its boundaries, dozens of British rivers have been hidden underground, with their watercourses piped in underground duct or stone tunnels. Such measures were quite common thrrough the era of the industrial revolution, during the reign of Queen Victoria and King Edward I. Nowadays it decided to switch to a more natural way and release the waterbodies from the underground. The program was initiated by the British Agency for Environmental Protection.

Medlock River would be the first one restored above the ground

By 2027 circa 15,000 kilometers of rivers would be returned to their natural beds, thus releasing all the rivers that had fallen the victims of the industrial era. About 20 waterways are to be released in London. The first river to be released to its natural passage would be the Medlock flowing across Philips Park in Manchester. This river is locked in a tunnel of eight million bricks, which would be disassembled by 2014. The restoration of the Medlock ecosystem is also plan