British Experts Revolutionize Anti-Flood Methods


A team of experts from Norwich of Great Britain discovered a new way of dealing with floods. Apparently, one just has to let the water flow, they figured. Instead of construction of obstacles – such as walls and dams – they would let the water inside, but in useful directions.

Norwich floods are now friends, and not enemies

Architects and engineers assume that they take water as a friend. This was taken as a base of a largescale project involving 670 Norwich homes. 40% of territory of this district is already flooded. However, the engineers are not planning to stop: they are planning to flood the rest of the valley. New homes are to be built on the hills.

As it is planned, the water would flow to the gardens, lawns and backyards. Which means that the landowners could save plenty of water on watering the flowers. Besides that, 2012 was the second dampest year throughout all the history of meteorological observations in Great Britain. A shower level of 1330.7 mm is only 6.6 mm lower than that recorded in 2000.