British Designers Make Trash Cozy


British couple creates design at local dumpsPopulation growth on our planet leads to tremendous increase of garbage disposal, which affects the environment. Recycling and reuse could be the answer though, and it’s always good news to hear that common people are concerned about that not less than global environmental organizations.

A couple from Dorset, Great Britain, James Henrit and Kresse Wesling got inspired by old and disused stuff, when working on their apartment interior. They spotted whatever they needed at local garbage dumps. For example, they use tin cans as glasses, and old fire hoses are now covering the floor in their corridor. The couple bought all furniture at online auctions and in thrift stores. After a thorough work, all these old and ragged items turned into unique pieces of art.

As a result, the couple spent much less money than it was initially planned, while the environment was saved from the global garbage flooding. Considering the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific, Henrit and Wesling project is a wonderful remedy for our suffering water resources.