Biologist Learned to Hypnotize Young Turtles


Work on the study and conservation of various species of sea turtles is not complete without regular weighing young animals. Doing it is not so easy, because the turtle is very smart and always strives to crawl away, which affects the measurement accuracy. Scientist from Malaysia managed to find a way out: he immerses the pupils of «turtle kindergarten» into a kind of trance.


During another study biologist Mohd Uzayr Rusli from Malaysian university in Terengganu noticed that the little turtle freezes on the spot while being in the dark and feeling the pressure on the shell. Presumably, they «return» in the condition in which they were before hatched from the egg. As a result, the scientist has developed his own method of "hypnosis": during the weigh-in he puts the turtles on the back, covering their eyes and slightly presses on the chest. Kids are still for only 25 seconds, but this time is enough to fix the results.