Basking Sharks Return to the Shores of the British Isles


Despite the intimidating appearance and size of up to ten meters in length, these fish are not interested in humans as a source of nourishment. They swim with jaws wide-open to filter plankton, their main meal. They migrate across the Atlantic approaching the shores of the UK and Ireland by fall.

Basking sharks are not as scary as they look: they feed mainly on plankton

This year, the first basking shark was spotted near the British Isles somewhat later than usual. However, later a huge school of sharks was seen at the same spot. The experts relate this event to unusually low water temperatures of the Atlantic, which is totally suitable for these fish species. Prior to that, several media reported that sunbathers were scared off the beaches after seeing basking sharks near the waterline in the summer. Local emergency services did all they could to reassure the excited tourists.