Australian Michael Jackson Ate Fisherman


The accident occurred in the city of Darwin, where an elderly fisherman was eaten by the albino crocodile, who got his name after the King of Pop, due to his skin colour. For many years the predator has been visitors favourite. According to the widow, the victim went into the river to untangel the fishing line. The line is used to hang a chicken carcass to tease the reptile at a safe distance, and this is called "a crocodile safari".

For many year the predator has been visitors favouriteThe crocodile attacked immediately and the woman admits that she didn't even understand what was going on. She heard her husband cry and turned - but it was late. Owners of the company, which sells the tours to the reservation, is not afraid of lawsuits, because every tourist is warned that going into the water is extremely dangerous. «The laws in our region are harsh and if you don't care about yourself, you'll be eaten. The crocodile made just what he was created for», - Rob Marchant, the owner of the company, throws up his hands. It seems that the owners of the park feel sorry for the loss of the reptile more, because they had to shoot it. There are few albino crocodiles, and the businessmen are unlikely to succeed in getting one more.