Artificially Drained Lake in Mexico Will Become an Ecological Paradise


Парк «El Parque Ecologico Lago de Texcoco»Well known Mexican landscape designer and architect Iñaki Echeverria is planning to construct world’s largest urban park El Parque Ecologico Lago de Texcoco. To do it, he would have to restore the environment and bring back to life Texcoco Lake, which was artificially dried in 1967. Territory of the new ecological park would spread to 14175 hectares, which is 40 times larger than New York City Central Park.

To restore the ecosystem of Texcoco basin, the constructors would have to build a new sewage cleaning system and fill salt marshes to the east of Mexico City with water. However, this wouldn’t be enough to provide safe life to residents of Mexican capital. Texcoco Lake flooded the Aztec cities and remains a flood threat even after the drainage. To protect the city, Mr. Echeverria has designed a system of canals which would distribute the water in the lake evenly.

Озеро Тескоко

The most important mission of this project is restoration of Texcoco coastline biodiversity. After the lake and is banks are completely clean, Echeverria plans to reintroduce original wildlife to the region from nearby lakes, woods and marshes.

The park would also be equipped with all kinds of eco-safe sports and entertainment devices. There will be boat and kayaking stations, playgrounds, amusement park, museums and restaurants. All the buildings would be constructed from ecologically clean materials, reports