Artificial Oyster Reef to Resolve Mexican Gulf Environmental Issues


The construction of an artificial reef has started near Texan coast in the Gulf of Mexico. The length of the artificial underwater wall is plsanned to be 650 meters. Limestone and large boulders are the main materials of the reef. The height of the mound is circa one meter. Approximately 93 thousand tons of limestone are needed for the construction. Artificial reef is outlined as a spot for breeding oysters that would be sat on it in boxes.

Texan part of the Mexican Gulf changed dramatically due to oil drilling

As a matter of fact, this reef is not that uncommon for this part of Mexican Gulf. There used to be a natural coral reef of 2.5 meters high in the beginning of XX century. However, it was destroyed over time due to harshened environmental issues of the Gulf. The ecologists plan to revive the ecosystem by creating an artificial wall with oysters that filter water and consume excessive algae. Besides, oysters are an excellent nourishment for other species, such as fish, crabs, polyps and others, that, the experts hope, would be attracted to the new reef.