Arctic Ocean Will Lose Ice Soon


Already in 25-30 years continuous ice cover in the North Pole may dissappear, according to the State Hydrological Institute. Melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean is much faster and more intense than in other parts of the world. During 2014 ice area decreased from 5.4 to 5.3 million square kilometers. And last ten years ice in the Arctic decreased by 13.7%. specialists are examinating what kind of long-term changes it will bring.

Arctic Ocean will lose ice soon

However, one thing is clear. Despite the fact that the Northern Sea Route, along the northern coast of Eurasia from Arkhangelsk to Anadyr, will become completely free of ice in winter, navigation on it can seriously deteriorate. Drifting ice will clog narrow straits. Biosphere of the region will seriously change: some species of plants and animals most likely will not be able to survive warming.