Arctic Ocean could be renamed in Russia


The Arctic Ocean to be renamed in RussiaThe Institute of Expert Evaluations of Moscow suggests renaming of the Arctic Ocean. According to the opinion of Mr. Nikolay Pavlyuk, head of the Institute, it should bear a name "Russian Arctic Ocean".

Experts consider this idea correct and logical, since Russia is the greatest marine country. Yet, we are sure there are some countries that would definitely controvert this decision. For instance, Canada is also great and marine country. However, Russian scientists point on one issue that is hardly debatable: Russian border along the coastline of the Arctic Ocean is the longest in the world. Besides, Russian Arctic territories include 6 million square kilometers, while Canada possesses a territory of only 1.43 million square km beyond the Arctic Circle. Russia also holds leading positions in exploration of the Arctic Ocean and has the most numerous  fleet.

The Institute of Expert Evaluations assumes that the Arctic Ocean has already had other names – for example, the Arctic Sea or the Tartar Ocean. Then why couldn't it become Russian?