Arabian Hotels Go High and Deep


Construction of hotels on artificial islands is way out of style now, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates apparently think. And we do believe them: it is outlined to construct an underwater luxury hotel in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. To meet the latest European trends, UAE athorities asked Deep Ocean Technology company of Poland to develop a project of the hotel. And here we are with the Water Discus hotel, with its lower part being 10 meters deep in the water.

Water Discus is the largest underwater hotel on Earth

Lower disc of the building includes a lobby bar with a fancy restaurant along with 21 luxury rooms. However, its not the underwater panoramic view that is there to attract the tourists. All visitors will be able to enroll a diving school at the hotel with an exit to the open sea straight out of the front door. Water Discus would be equipped with decompression cameras as well. Upper level is to be used as a safety vessel during floods and other emergency situations.