Aquarium Fish Are Conscious


Scientists have found that aquarium zebrafish are able to respond to sudden changes in the conditions of their habitat with rising body temperature. This indicates the presence of brain development.

Even fish are able to experience an emotional shock

Earlier emotional fever test was successfully passed by birds, mammals and one species of reptiles. For a long time it was believed that fish do not realize what was happening to them. However, a new experiment involving 72 zebrafish individuals proved the opposite. One half of examined fish was placed in the test network, and then into a pool of cooler water. After 15 minutes, all of the fish were given choice between the chambers with water temperatures ranging from 18 to 35 degrees. As a result, body temperature of the fish, which were subjected to stress, jumped by 2-4 degrees. Moreover, they stayed in a chamber of warm water longer than the others. Experts believe that this confirms the existence of consciousness.