Anti-Bottle Won’t Add Up to Global Plastic Swirl


Складная бутылка от компании Vapur It is not always convenient to carry around an empty plastic bottle – either refillable or a regular one. Those of us who simply don’t care would just throw it away anywhere, thus adding up to a huge pile of plastic trash on the planet. To deal with such inconveniency, a company from the US, Vapur, presented a new generation plastic bottle – an Anti-Bottle.

The greatest advantage of the Anti-Bottle is that it could easily be rolled up – like a mayonnaise packet. It could be attached to a backpack or a belt with a carabiner, which also keeps the bottle folded, when empty.

Besides, the Anti-Bottle is reusable: it could be filled with 0.5 liters of any liquid, including hot tea or ice lemonade. Price of the invention is around $10.