Ancient Lakes Found On Mars


Famous rover Kyuriositi found another proof of the hypothesis according to which billions of years ago the Red planet was covered by lakes. Now the unit explores the martian mount Sharp, which has a layered structure. Such ground arrangement may appear only in combination of wind and water influencing rocks. Based on this, scientists from California concluded that about 3.8 billion years ago on the place of mount Sharp there was a large lake or even a chain of reservoirs.

Research related to water on Mars are performed using the Russian instrument DAN (Dynamic neutron albedo). Analysis of recent data obtained using the Russian apparatus indicates that a lot of different layers of Mars contain different amounts of water. For example, the section Roknest soil contains about 2 percent of moisture. But at a depth of 20-30 centimeters there can be found layers containing up to 6 percent of water, which corresponds approximately to the desert soil moisture level on Earth. We can already conclude that billions of years ago Martian atmosphere could provide a positive temperature, and water bodies were not only underground, but also on the surface of the planet.