Ad Billboard in Peru Makes Water out of Air


Unique adverstising spot was developed by engineers from Peru University of Technology. They made it to reveal the power of scientific approach, as well as to quench the thirst of thousands of Lima residents. With a little help from marketing specialists the wise scholars figured that they might get a hold of one local climatic feature. Capital region of Peru is really poor in showers, but air humidity usually reaches 98%. 

Unique billboard in Peru generates water from the atmosphere humidity

This is how the billboard works. It condensates liquid from air, purifies and fliters it – and there goes clean drinking water, all descending to the reservoirs in the back of the construction. Nice opportunity to grab a gulp of clean water, instead of dirty ponds nearby.

Daily capacity of the billboard is up to 96 liters of drinking water

The billboard has been working for three months already, in general having condensated and flitered 9450 liters of heavenly rains sprayed in the atmosphere. Its daily capacity reaches 96 liters of pure drinking water.

Photo: Adme.