Acid Rain Caused The Main Mass Extinction Event


Paleontologists still argue about the reasons of some major extinction events on Earth. There were at least five of them over the history of terrestial flora and fauna. The largest one took place about 252 million years ago, and its cause is about to be unveiled by scientists from London Imperial College. They believe that about two thirds of all living creatures on Earth were killed by showers, the acidity of which was close to that of vinegar.

Acid rain killed trilobites and dynosaurs, scientists believe

This hypothese is supported by the latest geological surveys on all continents. The researchers keep finding fossils with evident traces of acid rain. Apparently, it was falling off the skies simultaneously – at the same time when most trilobites and dynosaurs perished from the Earth, leaving space for the creatures that later evolutionized into the flora and fauna that we all know. The cause of global acid showers is yet to be discovered, the scientists say.