A Two-headed Tortoise Presented in Ukraine


Unique tortoise was presented at February exhibition of exotic animals in Kiev, Ukraine. It had 2 heads and 6 legs. This reptile had been concealed for 5 years and that day the tortoise was shown to people for the first time. This cute creature doesn’t look like ‘Magic Dragon’ as you may think looking at it for the first time. It’s a really nice tortoise with her beady eyes and tiny heads… What an amazing cartoon hero it is!

How could this creature be born? Siamese twins are born in wildlife really seldom.  When there are two embryos inside the egg, in time there will not be enough space for both of them. So as the result the embryos start to knit. As usual, such creatures (being born in wildlife) can’t live long. That’s why that’s a great luck for the tortoise that it is growing up being looked after by thoughtful people. The reptile feels good now and eats a lot.

This year the tortoise turned 5, but she still doesn’t have a name. This she-reptile (as the specialists consider it to be) is very active, curious, isn’t afraid of people and likes to communicate. Each head has its own character: one head is very active; another one is a little bit shy.

Zoologists say that tortoises live about 30 or 40 years, so this tortoise will be our shining star for a long time. Sponsors added that a two-headed snake would be brought to that exhibition soon, too.