A New Ocean Is Forming in Africa


People are observing the process of the ocean basin formation. The scientists established the rift fissure in the dessert of Ethiopia in 2005: it extended over 56 kilometers. That time they could not even imagine that the dynamics of its formation had not finished: nowadays the width of the fissure is around 6 meters. It will cause the ocean formation.

According to the processed documents, it took several days to form the rift fissure. The volcanic eruption of Dabbahu initiated this process: magma had filled, made the splits of the Earth’s crust deeper and wider.

What has speeded up the process of the ocean base formation is the split of the African and the Arabian tectonic plates: it is a 30-million-year-old process that gets wider 2 centimeters each year. The group of scientists proved that the tectonic activity was the same as the one that had already taken place in the depth of the ocean ranges splitting the continents.

The scientists are anxious about the fissure that gets bigger day by day. They think that such kind of a tectonic activity can affect the life of people. Water will migrate from the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden: the living area will be over flooded.