A Large School Of Pollock Froze To Death In A Norwegian Bay


A whole coastline of frozen pollock – such amazing picture appeared to the sight of Ingolf Kristiansen, the resident of the Island of Lovund in Norway, when one fine morning he went to the beach to walk his dog. The temperature dropped by over 10 degrees Celsius overnight, and a large school of pollock got captured in the frozen coastal waters of the local bay forever. Kristiansen took a picture with his smartphone and immediately posted it on Facebook, commenting the picture with the words that he has never seen anything like that in his life.

This is the picture of fish apocalypse, the local media say

The picture became a global hit within a few hours, and local media already called this event a fish apocalypse. What killed the pollock was not only the temperature dropping to minus 7.8 degrees Celsius, but also local cormorants. Birds chased the pollock school to the beach, and apparently the bay froze so quickly that the large part of the school never made it to the open water.