Norway To Allow 1286 Whales Bagging


This figure was announced by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway. However, most likely, these parameters won't be achieved. In 2013 the Norwegians managed to bag only 594 whales, and the quota for the commercial catch remained unchanged several years. Quota for this year was announced in Norway on the next day after the International Justice Court in Hague has banned whaling in Japan. It turned out that the carcasses of whales, obtained ostensibly for scientific research were found on Japanese supermarket shelves.

In 2013 the Norwegians managed to bag only 594 whales

In Norway people also eat whales, and whale meat is traditionally considered as food of the poor. However, the Scandinavians catch minke whales, while in the Land of the Rising Sun fin whales were bagged. They are much larger and their population has been steadily declining. Ecological activists argue that Norwegians simply can't eat all the whales according to the quota and fishermen say the problem is not a lack of demand, but the inaccessibility of the proposal. Hunting zones are far away, fuel prices are rising and factories simply do not manage to process the already bagged carcasses.