Geologists Mapped Water Reserves on Moon


Specialists of the University of Brown (USA) compiled a detailed map of the water reserves in the lunar soil based on data obtained from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper spectrometer. The spectrometer was equipped with a space probe Chandrayaan-1, which went to the satellite of the Earth in 2008.

Geologists Mapped Water Reserves on Moon

If you look at the map, you can see that most of the water is situated in the circumpolar regions of the Moon. But "more" does not mean much: the concentration of H2O at the poles is 500-750 ppm (millionths of a share). Nevertheless, traces of moisture are present throughout the surface.

It is noteworthy that the water content in the soil is not constant and depends on the time of day. The difference can reach 200 particles per million. Thus, in the "daytime" period, the humidity in certain regions falls.

Geologists believe that the map they compiled will be useful for assessing the prospects for extracting water from the lunar soil to ensure future missions.