105-years-old Orca Named Granny Was Seen Near US Shores


The oldest orca in the world, the 105-years-old Granny (Grandma) again appeared on the eyes of people. She was seen frolicking in the company of other killer whales near the island of San Juan in Washington State (USA). Scientists for the first time are faced with individual who lived to such an advanced age. The previous record of the whales was 98 years old. In the wild, the life expectancy of females, on average, is 80-90 years, the one of males is 50-60 years.

105-years-old Orca Named Granny Was Seen Near US Shores

Specialists watch Grandma since 1967. In 1971 they found out her age – 60 years. This long-living whale is distinguished from other ones by the markings on the dorsal fin. The official code of the animal is J2, and Grandma is the nickname.

Experts point out that until 2010, the orca appeared everywhere together with her, apparently the only one, youngster, J1. He died at the age of 60, and then Grandma joined the school.

For her life the orca-champion managed to overcome a huge distance equal to a hundred round-the-world travels. Since these whales are constantly moving in the ocean, floating about 130 kilometers per day.