Ocean Found on Jupiter Satellite Enceladus


NASA specialists analized data from the flying machine Cassini and carried out additional gravimetric research. Everythig tells about the existance of the ocean on the south pole of Enceladus, one of Jupiter's satellies. The ocean is hidden from telescopes by the Luna surface. Underground ocean is located in the debth of 30-40 meters, and its maximum depth is about 10 km.

The ocean is hidden from telescopes by the Luna surface

Hypothesis about the Enceladus ocean appeared nearly ten years ago when Cassini took pictures of water steam and ice geysers on the satellite's south pole. Just now this hypothesis was confirmed by 100%. And if there's water, there's a high possibility of extraterrestrial bacterial form of life existance. Moreover, the scientists managed to confirm that water from undeground ocean of Enceladus gets into the Saturn atmosphere and forms a water steam ring over the planet.