Ice is Floating on River Lena

The length of the ice drift is 58 km and the water levels do not exceed critical.

Lake Covered with Dead Fish in Russia

About 100 tons of dead fish floated to the surface of the lake in Kunashak, Chelyabinsk region, Russia. 

River in Canada Disappeared in One Year

The Slims River in the North-West of Canada has disappeared from the face of the Earth during the year. The reason is the movement of the glacier. This phenomenon is unique to our time.

«Geroi Arsenala» Dry Cargo Ship Sunk in Black Sea

The dry cargo ship «Geroi Arsenala», carrying 12 people on board, has sunk in the Black Sea, near the Kerch Strait, during a violent storm. Three crew members were saved.

Graphene «Sieve» Will Help to Desalinate Sea Water

In the UK, the first graphene filter was created to turn seawater into a drinking water. Its membrane effectively retains sodium and chlorine ions. The new technology will be much cheaper and significantly reduce energy costs for desalination.

1.5 million Euros Dropped into Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain, one of the main attractions of the Italy capital, has started to bring a good income to the city budget - for a year tourists have left coins for a total of more than 1.5 million euros in its bowl. All this money goes to charity.

Water in New York Rivers Told about Fish Migration

Experts at the Rockefeller University (USA) used the DNA, contained in samples of water from the East river and the Hudson River, to study the migration of various fish species.

Coral Reef will be Protected from Gluttonous Sea Stars

The Great Barrier Reef is threatened not only by climate warming and ocean pollution, but also by thorns crown sea stars (Acanthaster planci). 

First Animals Could Have Been Like Jellyfish

Specialists at the University of Vanderbilt in Nashville (USA) decided to argue with the traditional view of the first animals - according to a new theory, the ancestors of modern vertebrates resembled jellyfish and ctenophore, rather than primitive sponges and hydras.

Arctic Ocean is Increasingly Reminiscent of Atlantic

An international group of climate scientists has determined that due to the record-high rate of ice loss, the Arctic Ocean looks like the Atlantic Ocean. The results of this conversion will affect the entire ecosystem.

Fish Tolerate Stress Easier in Among Their Own Species

The Academy of Sciences of Lisbon (Portugal) specialists have conducted an experiment on aquarium zebrafish. They have found out that in the presence of the «friends» fear and anxiety level in the subjects had reduced.

Plastic Assembled in the Ocean to be Turned into Diesel Fuel

We have repeatedly written about the problem of the World Ocean pollution by plastic debris. Another solution is offered by US environmentalists: the plant developed by them can turn waste into hydrocarbon fuel.

Spain to Receive Biofuel from Wastewater

With the support of the European Commission in Spain, the Life Metha-morphosis project is being implemented, which will receive biomethane at the treatment facilities.

Switzerland Banned Seal Skin Import

From 1 April, Switzerland has banned the import of hides, meat and subcutaneous fat of seals. The decision was made by the country's parliament.

Scientists Learned How Dolphins Manage to Defeat Octopuses

Murdocco University (Australia) experts have found out how bottlenose dolphins cope with a very dangerous prey – a large octopus.

Japanese Sailors Killed Over 300 Whales During Scientific Expedition

Within the so-called ecological research program supported by the Japanese government, 333 small minke whales were killed in the Antarctic.

American Manatee is no Longer Considered an Endangered Species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service reported that the American Manatee is no longer considered an endangered animal. The population of these mammals only in Florida has reached 6,600. Nevertheless, «gentle giants» still need protection.

American Manatee is no Longer Considered as Endangered Species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service have reported that the American Manatee is no longer considered as endangered animal.

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