A mass death of pinnipeds was recorded in Russia

On the territory of the national park Onega Pomorye a mass death of pinnipeds was recorded.

Scientists: if the Earth Stops Spinning, there will be Only Two Oceans

NASA experts have documented gradual slowing of Earth's rotation around its axis and simulated a situation in which our planet completely stops.

In St. Petersburg the Yacht Bridge across Bolshaya Nevka Officially Opened

The longest and highest pedestrian bridge - the Yacht one - has appeared in the northern capital of Russia. 

Water and Radiation on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Can be Conditions for Life

Specialists of the University of Texas at San Antonio (USA) have found that microorganisms can live in water that has been exposed to radiation. 

Chinese Scientists Claim They Found Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat

On Mount Ararat in Turkey, under a layer of snow and volcanic formations, experts from the PRC have discovered wooden structures resembling doorways and stairs. 

Scientists Figured out Why and When Cetaceans Became Big

Experts examined the remains of whales stored in the National Museum of Natural History (USA) and estimated their size. 

World Tortoise Day is Celebrated on May 23

Today is an unusual holiday. World Tortoise Day is celebrated since 2000 on the initiative of conservationists from the American Tortoise Rescue.

Lake Proval in Pyatigorsk Came out of the Shores Due to Heavy Rains

Strong rains in the Stavropol region led to the fact that the famous Lake Proval in Pyatigorsk overflowed, and the water flowed out onto the square. 

Scientists: Large Reserves of Water can be Found on Moon

Examining samples of lunar rocks – regolith – planetary scientists came to the conclusion that in the core or mantle of Earth's satellite impressive reserves of water can exist.

It Became Known why Ice Melts Faster in Arctic than in Antarctica

An international group of scientists found out why the atmosphere is warming over Antarctica more slowly than over the Arctic.

18 tons of Debris Found on Island in Pacific Ocean

Henderson Island in Polynesia became one of the dirtiest places on the planet. 

Best Underwater Photographers Selected in UK

The results of the prestigious British photo competition Underwater Photographer of the Year-2017 were summed up.

US Gave Finland Arctic Council Presidency

At the ceremony in Fairbanks (Alaska), US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson handed over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council to the representative of Finland, Foreign Minister Timo Soini.

Biobank for Pacific Ocean Data Storage will be Opened in Vladivostok

On May 16 at the National Scientific Center for Marine Biology of the RAS (Vladivostok) a biobank will be opened, where scientists plan to collect samples of all the Pacific Ocean flora and fauna kinds.

Scientists are Trying to Find out Reason of Dolphins Death in Crimea

On the Black Sea coast 103 dead dolphins were found the day before, 31 of them on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.

The Ishim River Flooded Houses and Airport in Russia

In the floods in Ishim and Ishim district of the Tyumen region, Russia, 112 homes were flooded, as well as the airfield of the sports club DOSAAF aviation with nine aircrafts, which now will need expensive repair.

Beast Noticed Again on Loch Ness Lake

Tourist from Wales posted a video featuring Nessie - the famous monster from Loch Ness Lake in Scotland. 

France Banned Keeping Dolphins and Orcas in Captivity

The head of the French Ministry of Environmental Protection, Segolene Royal, signed a law prohibiting the maintenance of killer whales and dolphins in captivity.

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