Plankton Helped Scientists to Find out the Cause of Ice Melting in Antarctica

The International Group of Climatologists managed to establish a link between the loss of ice in the Antarctic and warm undercurrents.

Photographer Showed How African Garbage Gods Look Like

For the project "The Prophecy" photographer Fabrice Monteiro came up with eerie characters literally dressed in garbage. 

Tenerife Aquapark is Recognized as the Best One in the World for the Fourth Time

Siam Park in Tenerife has become the leader in the rating of the best water parks in the world.

New Island Suddenly Appeared off the Coast of the USA

The island, approximately 1.5 km long and 300 meters wide, arose above the water surface in North Carolina (USA), next to Cape Point. 

In Los Angeles, the Car Dived into the Pool

In Los Angeles, on the territory of the motel Vagabond Inn, an accident occurred: the car crashed into a brick fence at great speed, struck it and fell into the pool, where at that moment were children. 

NASA Experts have Discovered Traces of the River on Mars

In a picture taken with the help of the Opportunity rover in the Endeavor crater, the scientists saw a semblance of river pebbles. 

Economists Determined how much the Great Barrier Reef Costs

The Great Barrier Reef is an invaluable treasure of Australian nature. Nevertheless, experts were able to calculate how much it costs - more than 42 billion dollars.

Russian Cosmonaut Took a Photo of "Sea Horse" from the ISS

On the official page of Roskosmos in Instagram there is a picture of a huge "sea horse". So Isabela Island in the Pacific Ocean looks from the height.

Snowman from Algae was Built on Anapa Beach

Vacationers are concerned about the "flowering" of the sea in Anapa.

Ex-millionaire Lived 20 Years on a Desert Island in Australia

David Glashin, an Australian millionaire, lost all his fortune as a result of the financial crisis in 1987 and settled on a secluded small Restoration island. 

NASA: Phytoplankton Flowering Changed Color of the Black Sea

In the pictures taken with the aid of the Aqua satellite, the Black Sea is colored in a bright turquoise color. 

Famous Swimmer Michael Phelps will Compete with White Shark in Speed

Michael Phelps, the 23-time Olympic swimming champion, will participate in an unusual competition organized by the Discovery channel. The rival of the sportsman will be a large white shark.

Scientists Got Hydrogen from Water Vapor Using Paint for Windows

Australian scientists have managed to find a way to produce hydrogen from water contained in the air. A special coating is used, which is applied to the window glasses.

Freshwater Cyanobacteria are Proposed to use for the Heart Attack Treatment

Specialists at Stanford University conducted an experiment to implant in the heart cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.

NASA Experts Predict Increase in Number of Rains on the Earth

The US National Space Agency intends to create a new climate model, since the current one does not take into account the displacement of air flows.

Silicone Algae will Help to Save Corals in the Mediterranean Sea

Italian scientists placed artificial algae next to coral reefs in the Mediterranean Sea.

DiCaprio Persuaded Mexican President to Help Rare Marine Mammals

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim have signed an agreement that will help to preserve the endangered species - a Californian sea pig, or wakita.

Dugongs re-inhabit the Great Barrier Reef region

Experts at James cook University (Australia) have noted that dugongs, representatives of rare species of marine mammals, re-inhabit the Great Barrier Reef region. 

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