1.5 million Euros Dropped into Trevi Fountain in Rome


Trevi Fountain, one of the main attractions of the Italy capital, has started to bring a good income to the city budget - for a year tourists have left coins for a total of more than 1.5 million euros in its bowl. All this money goes to charity.

1.5 million Euros Dropped into Trevi Fountain in Rome

Now the fountain brings more profit than museums. Earlier the «catch» was about 700-800 thousand euros per year, now the amount has almost doubled. The reason is that the municipal services began to collect thrown coins every day. So for those who try to climb into the water in search of easy money, there is practically nothing to profit. The fines collected in the fountain are then taken to the laboratory for cleaning and sorting.

Tourists, evidently, piously believe in signs. It is believed that after throwing one coin you will soon return to the Eternal City. A person who throws two coins will meet his love. Three coins will lead to the wedding, four ones - to wealth.

Of course, in the fountain there are not only euros, but also coins of various countries of the world. All money goes to help the homeless.