UNESCO Requires to Conduct Environmental Monitoring of Lake Baikal

UNESCO demanded from Russia to create a system of ecological monitoring of Lake Baikal, which is a World Heritage site.

Scientists: Mercury Has Vast Water Reserves

NASA specialists analyzed the images of Mercury made by the Messenger probe and came to the conclusion that there is a lot of ice on this planet. 

Eurasia Can Split in Two Along Line of Lake Baikal

Specialists of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the RAS came to the conclusion that in the next 20 million years Lake Baikal will turn into an ocean.

Ocean Plastic: How Sea Horse Picked Up Cotton Swab

The American photographer managed to make a unique photo that shows how plastic debris pollutes the ocean. In the photo a small sea horse clings its tail behind a cotton swab.

Geologists Mapped Water Reserves on Moon

Specialists of the University of Brown (USA) compiled a detailed map of the water reserves in the lunar soil based on data obtained from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper spectrometer. 

Crab Settled in Plastic Doll Head on Pacific Island

A photo of coconut crab, which turned the head of the discarded doll into its home, became a symbol of environmental pollution with plastic debris.

Saint-Petersburg Took Fourth Place in the Cleanest Cities Rating in Russia

At the end of the summer, St. Petersburg was one of the cleanest cities in our country. 

Scientists Discovered Orchid Pollinated by Rain

Amazing plant – Orchid Acampe Rigida, common in South-Western China, uses not the insects or the wind but the rain for pollination. 

Rosgeology Suggests Building Geothermal Station on Kunashir

At the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the Rosgeology delegation presented a project of a geothermal station on the Kunashir Island with an installed capacity of 50 MW.

Nizhny Novgorod Region Got Floating Laboratory for Tourist Routes Development

Mobile laboratory on the ship PS-172 basis will study the small rivers of the Nizhny Novgorod region. 

Swimming Season is Open in African Devil Basin

From September to December, tourists have a unique opportunity to swim at the edge of the famous Victoria Falls, and do not fall at the same time to the abyss from a height of 108 meters.

In Udmurtia Ducks Died from Oil Spill

As a result of oil leakage in Udmurtia, Russia, seven wild ducks were killed. 

Plastic Bags Banned in Brussels

On September 1 in the Brussels region of Belgium a ban on the use of plastic bags began to operate.

Ministry of Natural Resources Requests to Allow Cutting of Burnt Forests around Baikal

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation sent a bill to the government, according to which continuous sanitary felling of burned forests within the boundaries of the central ecological zone of Lake Baikal will be allowed. 

Toxic Cloud Covered the Beach in the UK

Beach Birling Gap on the east coast of Sussex (Great Britain) was subjected to a sudden chemical attack

Ministry of Economy Proposed to Close Federal Target Program for Lake Baikal Protection

The Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation sent a report to the government proposing to curtail the federal target program for the Lake Baikal protection. As a reason, errors in the management, admitted by the Ministry of Nature, are indicated.

Scientists Study Lakes in the Craters on the Yamal Peninsula

Specialists of the Earth Cryosphere Institute (Tyumen) went on an expedition to the Yamal Peninsula to observe unusual lakes.

American Scientists Believe that Water Reserves on the Moon are Insignificant

The University of California at San Diego (USA) specialists have investigated a sample of the lunar rock and came to the conclusion that participants in future flights to the Moon are unlikely to find much water there.

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