Neva Crawfish vs. Garbage

Urban water bodies suffer from pollution much more than those in the country. Underwater creatures are the ones threatened by this pollution. Become one of them to feel that empty bottles, rusty tin cans, used car tyres and other trash make the water totally unsafe for any living being.

Rules of the game

1. Make sure that you have Adobe Flash Player (not older than 10th edition) installed on your computer. You can download it for free here.

2. Move Neva Crawfish with arrow keys on your keyboard. You can destroy a piece of garbage only when Crawfish is moving.

3. Catch a can of Ferix – this chemical cleans the water from pollution.

4. Manage to clutch a bonus for extra score: tourists often drop some precious stuff over board! Expensive watch, fashionable brand-name purses or even ancient amphoras won't pollute the water if you miss them.

5. Good luck and thanks for all the fish! Don't forget to share the results on your Facebook timeline after you're done cleaning.

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