Vivienne Westwood: It takes the equivalent of 50 baths full of water to produce just one steak

Vivienne Westwood is a living icon: she was at the start of punk era, she changed the pursuit of British fashion in XX and XXI. Our descendants will remember this lady not only for her eccentric looks and odd outfits – by the way, created without geniune leather or fur. Lately, Dame Vivienne could often be seen fighting for planet's ecology. She is well aware of environmental issues, and indeed, has a lot to tell.

In November, I was filmed taking a shower for the animal rights charity, PETA, the point being that it takes the equivalent of 50 baths full of water to produce just one steak. I am a vegetarian; I love it so much more than any other diet and we want to encourage others to embrace it.

For my biography, I talk about fashion because the book has to be about fashion – but first, I crash right in telling everyone about "Who are our Rulers?" because it's so important to get this fact of the fragile economy clear to everyone – and that we're letting it (it's a pyramid scheme that must collapse) destroy life through climate change.

We also went to the Shell building at the Southbank to protest the arrest of the Arctic 30. As we arrive the Greenpeace team are unloading 10 foot high wooden boxes covered with portrait photos of the 30 – from their van – they practise beforehand. They line up the boxes along the front of the Shell Building to create a display. The idea is to hand out leaflets to the Shell workers as they arrive. So they know the full implications of what their bosses are doing. The press are there and I do some interviews.

It's very interesting, it makes sense: the Shell security people don't try to stop the demonstration. It would cause more publicity.

Plainly the fossil fuel industry is under stress. Bill McKibben exposed this in his brilliant article "Do the Math". Fossil fuel corporations present their assets based on what is in the ground, even to the extent that it is too difficult to extract with present technology. This attracts investors who are greedy enough to believe the impossibility that they will recoup great returns on their investment. If we do use up only the fuels which are traditionally easy to get at, e.g. in Saudi Arabia, we will have runaway Climate Change.

Everybody would be dead before the corporations could extract those hard-to-get assets. Yet already they can't wait, they are all in competition to get fuel (and sell it cheap so as to outsell the others) from the Arctic (we must stop them or we've had it) from tar sands, ( has managed to halt the pipeline) from fracking (fracking has peaked in the US).

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