Timofey Bazhenov: «I Hope My Audience Will Never Wash Car In River»

Timofei Bazhenov, a famous TV presenter and zoologist, in his new project «Savage» on the «My planet» channel travels through Russia, with no hotels, guides, mobile, money and tools. Many adventures of Timofey were associated with water, which he truly loves – as he told us in an interview.

Recently, on the set of the «Savage» project in Ingushetia I have crossed the brook of water called Armkhi, which is translated from the Ingush language as «bad water». It was named so not by chance: the fact that if you bathe in the Armkhi, and you have any sores or scrapes on the body, then they need much time to heal. And if you drink from this river, e.g., river water brewed tea, your teeth will start to break. This effect of water is associated with its specific composition.

Every river, every stream has a unique chemical composition. For example, in Ingushetia there are springs supersaturated with silver. First of all this water is used in the treatment of renal diseases. The silver concentration in these springs is so high that you can drink not more than one glass of this water per day. To help you understand how much silver there's in the water, for comparison, I can tell that even if a person swallows a silver ring, he will not have any silver poisoning.

During filming for the My Planet TV channel I have bathed in the waterfall Furtoug. It is famous because it was visited by the scientist Mendeleyev. It is believed that Furtoug water is life-giving: if you wash the sick parts of the body, they will recover quickly. Mendeleev made a photo with the locals near this waterfall and wrote several scientific articles regarding the Furtoug water composition.

During the filming of the «Savage» project I have been in Kungur ice cave. Recently, it has become one of the most popular attractions in Siberia and the Urals. However, a few people know that it has an ancient underground sea. All sides of this sea are hidden from the people's eyes and from the day light. It has the purest water and reaches 8 meters depth. I went there to find a unique blind crustaceans - crangonyx that have been inhabiting the depths of the Kungur cave for thousands of years and have been eating only what was brought by floods in the spring. For example, the flood picks up a dead rat, carries it to the depth of the Kungur caves, and crangonyx has a year to eat it. And if there is no flood, these relict creature will die.

According to the structure of ice in Kungur ice cave scientists determine what had happened many centuries ago. Water, turning into ice for centuries, has formed rings, as well as all those that we can see on a section of the tree. Water remembers everything, remembers how it was a waterfall, for example. And doing ice climbing, which takes place on icy slopes, you can trace the history of the place and its development.

I have made a dive into Orda cave in the Perm region. It is considered one of the most difficult for diving. Generally cave diving - is the most difficult sport of the existing. Being even open water dive master is not enough to engage in cave diving, you have to undergo special training. Orda Cave is mortar, and almost all the caves, which are used for cave diving, are washings.

For example, in Mexico underwater river washed its bed, and so created the underground caves. Orda Cave occurred otherwise. And today its walls day after day are dissolved by water. Therefore, the cave is gradually increasing in size. When we started to dive into the cave, one of the stalagmites was perfect like an angel with wings, and two weeks later, when the shooting has been completed, the angel disappeared, it was completely dissolved.

Of course, in My Planet television projects I speak about how to survive in conditions of drinking water shortage. In the Bazhenov's Rating series I am traveling through the deserts, steppes, or near open volcano craters, I explain the audience how to disinfect water, how to desalinate, how to get it, if there is no nearby source of clean drinking water.

There are many peculiarities. For example, if you have no way to get the water, you need to tear off the button and hold it in your mouth: it will cause a fluid recirculation in the body and will help to hold for some time.

If we talk about caring for the water, then, first of all, it is important not to spoil it. This is not about large enterprises, which in most cases care about the purity of water, but about ordinary citizens, who can wash the car in the river, throw a bottle, oil or washer fluid canister in it, or just a drip of diesel into the water. This is, of course, wrong, and I hope that those who watch my program and your readers will not that.

I like to swim and I swim every day, in winter and summer.

I haven't learned to drink boiling water, and I do not eat hot soup and do not drink hot tea and coffee.

My favorite places associated with water are lakes of the Putorana plateau, the beautiful hot springs in Abkhazia, valley of geysers on the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Mekong River. My favorite aquatic animal is muskrat. This is a wonderful animal, with has a trunk as an elephant and the size of a mouse. His life depends on the purity of the water and if the muskrat lives in a certain body of water, then you can safely drink directly from there.

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