Tatyana Bulanova: «I Do Not Understand How You Can Litter on Shore»

Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova perfectly knows where the main river of Petersburg originates, because singer's childhood passed at the Neva origins. Tatiana told us about where else she had ever swim, and what kind of water she likes. The conversation was interesting. Some things seemed to us debatable, for example, we believe that the water is an exhaustibleresource, and we do not have anything against boiled water. But each of our heroes, of course, is entitled to their opinion.

I just adore Neva. I have a cottage not far from the place where the river flows out of Lake Ladoga, and so the pace is clean and very nice. The flow is fast and strong. Also I love the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which I liked more than the Indian, because in the Indian Ocean, we accessed the protected beaches, and there was not any roll of the sea. But in Spain, on a wild beach, I saw not just water, but a living element, with incredible waves. The same thing I felt when I was in Sakhalin, in the Sea of Okhotsk - it was also very impressive.

I am a good swimmer. I learned to swim in six years, on the Neva, because I had a rest in the same place where my cottage is now situated. I practically grew up there. In summer, when I was a child, it was almost impossible to pull me out of water. I remember, they shouted not only for me, but for my girlfriends: "Home! Enough to swim!". Growing older, of course, I applied to become a calmer swimmer, but I still love to swim. In the country with the advent of the pool we rarely go to the Neva, but still, if the warm summer, I occasionally try to plunge.

In our village, as I can remember, I have always celebrated the holiday of Ivan Kupala (the feast of Midsummer).Previously, there lived many fishermen, and old boats were burned on this day. Later fishermen were almost gone, and the wooden boats in the conventional form are no longer practical, and if there is one, nobody burns it. Therefore, every year from 6 to July 7, just the wiring fires are all along the coast. And I never remember that afterwards there were some cans, bottles, or something else, though the whole small village had been celebrating.

I cannot just throw a piece of paper on the street, on the ground, on the grass. Especially on the beach. I'm always looking for where to throw it. Sea, sand are so cool, they bring health and my hand does not rise to litter it. I think people leave litter not by the force of habit, but due to the lack of education.

Of course, I always hate to see garbage in the forest or near the water. On this point, by the way, the Black Sea is not the cleanest. My friend once had a trip to the Gold Coast in Bulgaria, and he will never go there again, because when some packages are swimming in the sea, nobody likes it. I do not understand how it is possible to throw something directly on the beach. If it's a wild beach, bring a bag, put the garbage in it and take it away. And if it's the civilized beach then there are special tanks with packages everywhere, every few meters.

I always wanted to see the river from the window of my apartment. The ideal would be a great view of the Neva River, but in principle, of any water. In the country Neva is barely visible only from the second floor, because the house stands not exactly on the shore, but it's still great.

I really love water. I like it clear, and this applies even to the sea. The same Mediterranean Sea in different regions has a completely different look. For example, there is a very nice resort in Italy, but there is volcanic sand, and the water from it is troubled. And in Spain, there is golden sand and the water is so pleasant, that you do not want to get out of it, but I understand that every bathe is helpful.

Water is life, because a 80% of human body is water. I know that, for example boiled water differs in chemical composition from non-boiled. It is "dead". A non-boiled is "live". Even the snowflakes from it are different, if you look at them under a microscope at high magnification. The water crystallizes in an incredibly beautiful shape. When you see the photos of snowflakes, each time you are striking: a miracle. A man will not be able to drawl, as nature does. And boiled water gives not good-looking, uninteresting crystals.

It is said to look good, you have to drink more. But I do not really believe. By myself I know when you drink too much water, you even get sick. So, there is some oversupply. I think we should listen to our body and drink only when we really want it.

In theory, I know that the water must be protected. But honestly, I do not even know how. This means that you need less to take a bath, to constantly monitor yourself. I do not like to control my life. I would like to live in harmony with nature, to enjoy it. So I prefer to believe in a balance in everything: if somewhere the water decreases, it means that somewhere it increases. Glaciers are melting, and the balance, in theory, should be replenished.

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