Tatiana Parfionova: River Is the Most Important Thing

Flowers and grass, birds, fish and animals in the paintings, dresses, skirts, pillows and other items created by Russian fashion designer Tatiana Parfenova, remind of the beauty and fragility of life on the Earth. Thus all things are made, taking into account respect for the animals and the environment. On the 19th of March the Fashion House "TATIANA PARFIONOVA" presented a new collection. On the eve of the presentation Tatiana has told us about the sources of inspiration, and why we should appreciate the water as much as diamonds.

As an artist, urbanism or abstraction are not typical for me. As much as I remember, I've always had some kind of specific images - mainly flowers, leaves, herbs, fruits, birds. Perhaps this is due to childhood experiences - I spent it in Ukraine, in Poltava, in a private house with a garden. Nearby there was a wonderful river called Vorskla, and then it seemed to me that it was very big. Then it turned out that was not so. I moved to St. Petersburg in 8 years, but I remember, as we previously lived three years in Samara and rested on the Volga river, in a place called Zhiguli.

I like the river. I think the river is generally the most important thing. Because rivers overcome great distances, bringing water to the people, collecting along the way all sorts of small rivers and streams. Earlier, before the well-known events, we traveled by car to the Ukraine, passing through Moscow, Tula, Orel, Kursk, Belgorod. We noticed that little rivers had disappeared, and their place was occupied by the ravines overgrown with the reeds. I was struck by the beauty and the purity of the river with a touching named Zusha in the city of Mtsensk, near Tula. Its course is very fast, while it is a deep, dark brown. But when you drown in the palm of the water, you see that it is perfectly clear.

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Images related to aquatic life, arise in the course of work on the collections. We had already water-tigers and water striders and dragonflies - small or large blue, black wings, they are also residents of rivers and lakes. Have you ever seen anything like a born of a dragonfly? In the sedge or on the plants that grow right at the shore, you can see a crooked brown-gray strange little thing, and then a dragonfly gets out of it, spreading its wings. In childhood we watched it. I actually have a lot of favorite aquatic animals; it is difficult to say whom I do not like. For example, the beavers are very beautiful and smart.

At home I have two turtles. Though they are terrestrial, but also they love water. Once a week it is required to place them in a small amount of water, so that they can have a drink and clean their body. Also I have a big African snail. It is necessary to constantly spray the walls of her tank, and at least once a week to bring a trickle of water on the snail itself. In the nature, the snail is capable to go sometimes into its shell and to close it with the transparent wall of saliva in order not to evaporate the moisture. But no one can do without water for a long time. Periods of droughts are terrible, and for a man, of course, too.

Why not pour water from the tap just like that? You may ask my grandson Plato about it. He says: "Because people live in Africa!". He knows that there is a drought. We need, of course, someone to explain such things to a baby. Because children like to watch the water flowing from the tap. So we are telling him about it - you have a lot of water, and it's not enough water to someone in the world.

I believe that we need to fight for the purity of nature. We have a house in Ukraine, every summer we go there, and the first couple of days my husband goes to the river with plastic bags, collecting garbage, then we export it. Unfortunately, people have the habit to come to the picnic and to leave everything after it. But now people are becoming more and more conscious. In the 90s it was quite scary: many years we rented a summer-house in Komarovo, the suburb of St. Petersburg, and the famous Lake Shchuchye at some point turned into a huge trash. And now it is clean there. The only thing is that the ones who digs a hole and puts plastic bottles in it, of course, are wrong. All the things brought need to be taken away.

In my collections, you will not find any things made of natural fur. But I don't promote, what to wear and what not. This is a private matter. Any woman has a choice - to wear the skins of dead animals or not. Maybe someone likes your chinchilla coat and has never even seen, how it this wonderful animal looks like - chinchilla. Maybe the matter is that zoos do not teach love for animals, even though they cannot teach any love. But this also would be good.

We try to buy environmentally friendly fabrics, it fundamental is for us. They are quite expensive, but they are not harmful to human's health. Basically, we sew from natural materials, and if we use synthetic, it has useful properties - the new generation of thermal insulation, it retains heat well and "breathes".

In Vladivostok, at "Marine. Sea in fashion of XX-XXI centuries" exhibition, two of my dresses were presented. They are from different collections - "Cepheus" and "I was born a gardener." Since the exhibition is dedicated to the sea, the shape of these dresses can be seen as a mermaid, but the main idea of the installation is Space and Earth.

The beauty and the properties of the water are almost impossible to impress in creating clothes. We can only achieve a similar feeling by a certain cut, silk, color, or some characters. No wonder they say "diamond of pure water." It once again reminds us that water is the true value.

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