Regina Spektor:

I Love Water

American singer and songwriter of Russian heritage chatted with Da-Voda journalists about her gigs, environmental issues in the United States and, as it was actually expected, about water. By the way, it's the first time Regina visits Russia – ever since 1989, when her family left for the USA for good. We wish Regina all the best in her work and comfortable water-saving!

I take environmental issues very seriously. Most people think that ecological thinking is a common thing for the US citizens, but it wasn't there all the time. A lot of things changed recently, but we still have a lot of problems!

Americans love buying food packed in non-reusable bags and then just throw the package away. Some people spend at least a half an hour in the shower twice a day! When we just moved here, it shocked me. A lot of people leave their lights on, they don't want to hear a thing about energy or water saving. They wouldn't use recyclable paper, etc.

You can't really say that all Americans are like that, actually. The USA is a big country, each state has its own legislation. Let's say one state prohibits abortions, and the other one legalizes homosexual marriages. This is why the country doesn't have a common opinion on environmental protection and ecology.

Fortunately, there are new people around who try to change this situation. Thanks to their effort, we now have school classes on ecology, young people take environmental issues very seriously now, too. But they still have to fight the public opinion.

Regina Spektor

I don't have a favorite water body. I love them all – any puddle is good! I'm always glad to take a swim. I love water, especially the ocean. I travel a lot, and if even I'm very tired, I'll never miss a chance to take a swim in the local waters.

It helps me to memorize the place I'm visiting better, so it's like a souvenir. Besides that, I love finding very special things in every city I'm visiting, that are meaningful only for you, that have a special connection with that place.

The toughest thing about live performances is a psychological stress. My songs are very emotional, so at my gigs I relive the feelings related to them over and over. Besides, at every gig everything is new: sound, system, place and audience. Sometimes we experience some technical difficulties.

I've been thinking of writing a song in Russian, but I'm not ready yet, I guess. I read a lot of books in English, I listen to English and American music, but Russian is my first language! I adore Russian literature. But sometimes it seems to me, that after reading Russian poetry I start copying the manner of the authors, so my own verse is not authentic. Authenticity means a lot to me.

So far I translated only one song into Russian. It's  "Ne me quitte pas", which is my very special present for Russia. When I was recording it, I suddenly realized that I need another microphone! I always used that mic for recording songs in English, but for a Russian song, it just didn't sound right, because my voice changed.

The interview was taken in Russian language and translated into English by editorial.

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