Peter McBride: «We Must Remember that Tap is not Water Source»

The National Geographic photographer, director, writer and active protector of water bodies, Peter McBride is known all over the world for his stunning pictures and documentaries about nature. He walked the whole Grand Canyon and sailed from the mouth to the source along the two rivers - Colorado and Ganges - to show how vulnerable their ecosystems are. Peter told us about how he had become a «clean water hero» and how important it was to take care of the most valuable resource of the planet.

I have visited many countries suffering from water shortage. I was impressed by Bhutan and its environmental ethic. I have seen examples of amazing humanity and conservation in many parts of the world - from Costa Rica to India. But I have also discovered extreme pollution and dire situations all over the world from all seven continents to even my home where we have dried up some of our most amazing rivers like the Colorado that sculpted the Grand Canyon.

Unfortunately, the canyon recently faces too much development and risks being loved to death.

To save rivers, e.g. the Ganges or Colorado, we need to create a model that gives rivers a better caseload water right to ensure that they are not dried up, but also test them for contamination as well.

People need to realize how finite water is and that it does not come from the tap or faucet. The planet is facing a 40% water shortage under current demands. And it is happening everywhere.

Maybe in Russia this is not so much felt. But the Aral Sea has completely dried up in the last 50 years. And the same thing has happened with the Colorado River in the US, which now no longer meets the Sea of ​​Cortez.

As a photographer, I have worked for years documenting adventures and expeditions around the planet. In 2009 I decided to do a project closer to home and discovered the Colorado River doesn’t reach the sea anymore. This alarmed me and made me realize that freshwater challenges are a growing issue everywhere so I started focusing on rivers and watershed which are the arteries of our planet that sustain us all — and we need to be more aware of them.

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