Famous Internet cats:

Why is it so hard to be a cat at Christmas?

The most famous Internet cats have gathered in a pop-group to record a Christmas song named “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas” about animals who were unlucky to have no shelter on the biggest holiday of the year. This was the idea of a famous cat food brand marketologists who donated one can of cat food to the animal shelters for one video view. Totally 600 thousand of cans were donated, and each famous cat’s owner has chosen a shelter for a donation of 100 thousand cans.

Helping animals in trouble is familiar to Da-Voda team: in spring we’ll come back to the story of Marine mammal rescue station in Repino, St.Petersburg. But now we invite you to focus on four real Christmas stories about animals, who were lucky to become happy and famous instead of staying unsheltered in the street.

1. Grumpy Cat (or Tardar Sauce)

Grumpy cat (or Tardar Sauce)

About her: Tardar Sauce is 1,5 years old. She was born a dwarf, and pathological skull structure made her muzzle look grumpy. Cat’s owner is Tabatha Bundesen. Her brother is the man who made Grumpy cat famous.

I’ve posted a photo of my sister’s cat, and it immediately went viral. However, some people were sure that the photo was a photomontage, so I had to make a video. And it went in a whirl! Today Grumpy’s posts on Facebook official page get several thousand likes in half a minute!

I think, Grumpy became famous, because her face shows exactly what you want to tell your offender, but can’t do it by any reasons. We have such emotions every day, and now with the help of Grumpy they have an exit. In reality Grumpy cat is so lovely, she murmurs and likes to sit on one’s knees.

Besides the cat music group charity we carried out our own charity project. We sold 17 thousand Christmas postcards with the image of Tardar Sauce and donated a part of raised funds to Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue Inc. shelter, which doesn’t kill animals that were not taken away. We were choosing from four shelters and conducted an Internet poll. The users have chosen this one.

2. Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow

About him: He is a cat with the longest hair in the world (acout 23 cm on the back), which provides him with huge sidewhiskers. That’s why he has such a menacing face, like he is a Colonel. Cat’s owner is Anne Marie Avey, a writer and barman from Seattle. The tale of Colonel Meow:

I was left in the street, and the volunteers took me to the shelter for Persian and Himalayan cats. The doctor examined me and I was prepared to be taken to somebody’s home. Thus my today owner Anne Marie Avey found me. She pets and feeds me, and even sings songs to me which makes me happy. So happy that I fall asleep.

I’m not surprized that cats are getting so much attention in the Internet. It’s high time to show respect for cats, which they deserve. Formerly we were together with governors of the world, who fed us with tuna from their hands, hundreds of journalists surrounded us. And today we’re humiliated by 15-seconds videos of how we’re making our toilet with no chance to stay alone, how we’re jumping on cardboard boxes like clowns or begging for food.

I hope my fellows meowmericans will at last rebel against exploiters and force them to post a more decent content that will show our superabilities, not how we make foolish tricks. I’m sure, we’re going to realize our potential soon. There’s one thing that people really need. Cat videos!

I had several charity tours in Afghanistan to support cat food brand, which is prohibited in most states. That’s all the charity. I’m ashamed to speak about it, but recently I needed to get help from my minions (that’s how Colonel calls his social media subscribers – editorial). I had serious heart problems and I needed an expensive surgery and blood transfusion. But now everything is fine and my owner is very grateful to you for your help, minions.

Those food cans that we managed to gather with the help of “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas” video were donated to my native shelter for Persian and Himalayan cats.

3. Hamilton The Hipster cat

Hamilton, hipster cat

About him: Hamilton is a cat with a very expressive muzzle and bight white perfectly formed moustache like Salvador Dali’s. His owner is a Californian stand-up comic Jay Stowe.

Right away I understood that I can’t compare with Ham’s moustache. That’s why he is the boss. I decided to create an Instagram blog for him and his ideal white moustache.

I took Ham from the Human Society shelter in Silicon Valley. Presumably he was born on the Independence day, July 4, 2012. Nobody wanted to take him because, as I was told, he was very skittish. But I loved the kitten from the first sight and I think he changed. He has an excellent friendly features.

Hamilton is an adopted cat, and we (his family) appeal to you: don’t buy a pure-bred pet, take it from a shelter. Ham seems to be half Maine Coon, half Norwegian forest cat. Since he became an Internet meme, we sold lots of souvenirs and clothes, which are produced by a famous USA brand. Part of raised funds is donated to animal shelters throughout the country. Please, be kind and help such organizations as you can. Animals are worth it.

4. Oscar the Blind Cat

Oscar, the blind cat

About him: Oscar's owners are Mick and Bethany Szydlowski. Oscar is blind from his birth because his eyeballs were not formed due to pre-natal pathology. He was picked up on the farm in Iowa in 2011. Oscar's video got thousands of likes and the cat became famous in his kittenhood.

I'm a bass-guitarist in an amateur band. One day I saw an advertisment about an old autoharp (musical instrument – editorial) and went to farm to buy it. The seller didn't even show us the autoharp, he brought a blind kitten, the last in a brood. He told us that if nobody took the kitten home, he would be eaten by beasts or taken to a shelter. We couldn't withstand.

We were afraid that our older cat Klaus, who had been also taken from shelter, wouldn't accept Oscar and could offend him. But now they are inseparable. I suppose Oscar doesn't know he's blind. I mean he thinks that everybody around is like him! Even if you watch a video of his play you'll never believe that he sees nothing.

We opened an online shop where we sell all kind of accessories for cats and their owners. All products are made in USA from non-toxic materals with a minimal water and other resources use, ecologically safe. We deposit a large part of the profit to the charity. So, we do all we can to help homeless cats.

Our part of cat food that we got from shooting of the Christmas video, was given to the Purrfect Pals shelter. They are a non-kill shelter and are rather small, so 100 thousand of canned food is a decent gift for them.

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