Dmitry Puchkov: «After Us There Will Be No Flood, Because Water Ends»

If you've ever watched a movie in the Goblin translation, then you do not need to explain who Dmitry Puchkov is. Now he is engaged in movies, writes books and shoots his own programs, and once worked as a policeman. However, during his life Dmitry managed to change many professions, and one of them is a hydrogeologist. About this, as well as about the ecology and water saving, the famous Goblin told in an interview to our website.

Many people do not know that to make their favorite iPhone first you need to dig an insanely deep quarry, then to build a factories and to pollute everything - so that later they can grab their iPhone and tell how they are fighting for the environment protection.

In the course of technical progress everything is destroyed and polluted. It is time to recover, and somehow to preserve animals and nature. In my opinion, this is a case worth devoting to, it brings very specific benefits. Recently, the hero of the program on my YouTube channel was Vyacheslav Alekseev, the founder of the Baltic Seal Friends Fund. It's amazing that there are people who do not mind themselves for the sake of saving animals - I have already lost this ability. As a child, we read the Gerald Darrell books, a man who dedicated and devoted himself to preservation of every beast and nature in general, to meet such a person today, in our world of profit and cash is a very rare case.

As for the Year of Ecology, you can declare anything. We have recently announced the Year of Russian cinema, but it was rubbish before and remains to be it. We can't limit ourselves with declarations. We need absolutely concrete actions, first of all, from the state. The state can monitor enterprises, may make demands on business, and on industry. We must abandon the tactics of the «scorched earth», or after us there will not be even a flood, because the water had ran out.

The cities were needed to concentrate a huge number of people around industrial enterprises. Which, in turn, pollute everything in the world and ruin people's health. It's a vicious circle, the Ouroboros, a snake swallowing its own tail. I'm not a specialist in industry, but the need for such enterprises, in my opinion, has already disappeared. Big cities are always a stone jungle in which there is no dirt and no land, so nothing grows, everything is asphalted and covered with stone, and this is a normal city that provides cleanliness and order.

But all this is quietly and peacefully receding into the past. People want trees to grow around, beasts running, that there will be a forest, a pond, and birds swimming in the pond, and no one would be afraid of anyone. In my opinion, only this brings harmony into the person's head.

For industrial production today, requirements are not as were in the past. Now the water that flows into the river from the sewage pipe of the plant should be almost purer than drinking water. Previously, if you took a bucket of water from the Mississippi River, dilute it 10 times, threw the fish there – it would die immediately. Now, they say, things have become much better. Maybe because all the plants were brought to China and Africa? But, on the other hand, it is undeniable that in the United States the attitude to the nature of is very gentle.

We are terribly fond of telling how in the stupid USSR they could not present the goods beautifully. You came to the store, and you can see how the sausage chopped up and wrapped in craft paper, and the west was such a wonderful world beautiful packaging. And now it is reported that two island of cyclopean sizes are drifting in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of polyethylene, packages, papers and something else. There are those who believe that plastic packaging must be abandoned. Only hardcore, only craft. People, unfortunately, are stupid, and they cannot learn such kind of life experience from words. They need to go through this to understand it. On the other hand, in Russia, the craft paper disappeared, and now there are also patches of various beautiful wrappers.

But now there's much less litter - I have lived for a long time, and I'm noticing it. I see that more and more volunteers are appearing on the shores of lakes, in places for bathing they go and clean up trash, with sacks bought for their own money, and in their spare time. The people, in my opinion, are changing in a positive way - maybe not as quickly as we would like, but there is a trend.

Garbage bags are in all stores. And if you went to nature, you can put all the garbage there without any problems and absolutely safely take them to the nearest garbage dump. When the border with Finland during the perestroika was opened, our trucks drove there massively. In Finland you could have been severely punished for littering, so the domestic driver carried a huge bag with him and put the rubbish there. But as soon as he crossed the Russian border, it all was thrown out the window immediately. And on the slopes near the roads a meter layer of rubbish appeared. Now all this has disappeared, it has become much cleaner.

Water is the main drink. St.Petersburg water is excellent, and I have spent my whole life, as I can remember, drinking it from the tap. It has a certain taste of iron, but I really like it, this is what you remember and love from childhood. I buy bottled water sometimes when I live outside the city. There, I drilled a well, and in order to clean the water, there are three or four balloons full of bleach and some oxidizers and alkalis. Well, I guess, so it's not the most tasty water.

I like to swim in warm water. That is our Black Sea for me - it's already on the verge. On the one hand, when in Arab Emirates you swim in the sea, and you feel like you are sweating in the water - it's disgusting. But on the other hand, when the water is 18 degrees, it is so invigorating that often you do not want to get into it.

From the aquatic inhabitants, I mostly like the shark. Like any predator, this is a perfect work of nature, such a machine for murder, dexterous, insidious. On TV I like to look at sharks, but alive – I don't. Once I swam on reefs in the Maldives, and the shark floated next - I jumped out on the shore like a torpedo boat. There they reassured me, they said, not to be afraid, as it was a "vegetarian" shark. But she made a completely different impression on me. It seemed that she was the size of me, and her face was angry, so that there was no joy from the meeting.

It seems to me that it is necessary to save water in reasonable limits. For example, when you brush your teeth, the water flows just like that, and if you put it in a glass, then one glass is more than enough for you. Once I worked in a geological party - we drilled wells for mineral water in Central Asia. Everything was completely different there. We lived in a variety of conditions, including those where there is simply no water. And it turns out that two army mugs of water are enough for you to wash yourself - not very good, of course, but better than nothing at all. In general, to stand under the shower for an hour is probably wrong, however very pleasant.

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