David Belle:

We Can Change the World by Changing Ourselves Only

David Belle is a №1 world tracer, parkour inventor and recently he became a star of a popular action series "13th quarter". It turned out that the famous Frenchman has been issued about problems of respect for nature and environmental conservation for a long time. Monsieur Belle told Da-Voda correspondent, how parkour could save the planet water bodies.

I have a deep respect for all the environmental movements, however I've never took part in ecological actions. I'm too busy to do ecological job in addition to my actitivities. Pakour itself is aimed at drawing attention to humanitarian issues like nature catastrophies and so on. Tracers have an idea of ​​respect for the environment.

David Belle

Parkour has a great influence because it attracts more and more young people. They gather together to discuss various issues, because they are indifferent and passionate about what they do. So these young people are eager to solve environmental problems of our planet. They spend much time outdoors and they see what the environment can be and how the city can stay in harmony with nature.

David Belle

As I've said before, I personally have never thought about the reasons of the need to save water. I just grew up in a society which always saved resources - whether it was water or electricity. And not because we lacked something – it was just a habit.

I think many people do not find it necessary to save water because it may seem that there is so much of it around us. Here in Europe, as well as in Russia, the rivers are deep and last winters there was much snow. So, people think, there is so much water for everybody! However, this is not so. First, there is a balance in nature, and it has to be maintained. This must be cultivated in our minds from childhood: it's not about the money, but about saving natural harmony.

David Belle

Until we do not change ourselves, we can not change the world around us, all the changes should start inside. We should talk more about nature conservation problems. Everyone should think three times, if he really needs water to flow right along from the tap. Our life becomes too fast and we often have no time to think about problems of saving the environment and to choose priorities. Though our life depends on these issues, but not on endless consumption! This is what parkour is needed for: we comprehend ourselves and true values of life. I would call it "active maditation". And this is the first step to better changes for our common home planet Earth.

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